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Health Tip Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons to use Chia Seeds…

So I first came across Chia seeds when reading the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougal.  Ok, so if you haven’t read that book yet, GO READ IT!!  I’m telling you it’s amazing; even if you aren’t a runner you will greatly appreciate it.  The author who wrote the book certainly wasn’t built to be a runner by any means, 6’4″, 240 lbs.

I digress.  The “super human runners” in this tribe ate Chia seeds.  A lot of them.  Their diet basically consisted of burritos (with corn, rice, and black beans), corn based beer, water, and Chia seeds.  No joke.  That is why I wanted to investigate these amazing things that fueled their Epic runs that would last for hours, sometimes even days.

So read up, and if you want some more literature on them I’ll post more info after ten reasons why having Chia seeds in your diet can only help you, even if you aren’t an athlete!

10. 1 ounce of Chia uses 2.8% of the calories in a 2000 calorie diet. The full daily servings only add up to 139 calories and 1 ounce of Chia Seeds has a Glycemic Index of 1.

9. Chia seeds have many benefits for vegetarians because unlike flax seed, Chia can be stored for long periods of time without becoming rancid and don’t require grinding.  The oil they contain does not go rancid because of the high level of antioxidants.

8. Chia seeds fill you up.  When they come in contact with water, pudding, juice, yogurt etc. they grow to 9x their size and they slow down the absorption of carbs to control the appetite.

7. Gluten free chia seeds are very good for a raw food diet because they are high in protein, calcium, omega 3 and 6 and don’t need to be cooked. Unlike Flax Seed, you do not have to ground up Chia Seeds when you make a smoothie.

6. Chia seeds are great for workouts. Prior to a run or athletic event which you need to hydrate,  Chia Seeds in a bottle of water will help you hydrate. They will also help with protein to do the event without cramping up.  Chia is good for the digestive system because it is a hydrophillic colloid.

5. Chia seeds high on Omega 3s. 1 oz of Chia Seeds has 4915mg of Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are loaded with protein which is great for healthy skin, hair, and nails Chia Seeds are high in calcium and naturally have Boron in them which tranfers the calcium into your bones.

4. Chia seeds are good for a diabetic.  1 oz of Chia Seeds has a Glycemic Index of 1. Chia seed supplies fiber in 2 forms: insoluble (won’t dissolve in water) from its outer coat and soluble fiber (will dissolve in water) from its inner shell. Soluble fiber has been found helpful in lowering cholesterol and diabetes.

3. Chia seeds are high in fiber and help aid in digestion.

2. Chia seeds are good for your Thyroid. They are known to help deal with thyroid medication symptoms like lack of energy,dry skin and hair, thyroid weight problems, and colon issues.

1. Chia seeds are good for lowering cholesterol. Chia seed supplies fiber in 2 forms: insoluble (won’t dissolve in water) from its outer coat and soluble fiber (will dissolve in water) from its inner shell. Soluble fiber has been found helpful in lowering cholesterol and diabetes. Also the omega 3 and 6 has been shown to help.





What did you do today to get better?!


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Posted by ryanlevander on August 31, 2010
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  1. 09/1/2010
    Big Large

    Very interesting article. I will ad them to my grocery list. Where are they grown?

    • 09/30/2010

      Fantastic info. I am finishing the book Born to Run, which is what got me started looking for chia seeds. Thanks for the info. I’m looking for a good health food store in Tallahassee that may have them..otherwise I’ll buy them from the link I saw from this post.

      • 01/4/2011

        Hey Amy,

        Born to Run was such an infleuntial book in so many ways! Barefoot Running, The Taramuhara Tribe, and yes, Chia Seeds! Awesome to hear you are reading the book as well, this reply is quite late but I hope you finished and liked the book! I got mine from a whole foods market store in Asheville…I forget the brand name mine where, I think it might actually have been the brand whole foods market. Chia Seeds were just one of the packages they had there. Anywho, did you ever get any? I got them, not really knowing a whole lot to expect with taste or texture. Didn’t really care for them too much, kinda felt like I was eating larva or something, haha. I found the fastest way to get them to their full gelly state is to put them in a thermus and just shake it up really well.

        I think if you put them in something they would add a lot of nutritional value without totally knowing they are in there, which would be good! haha…I guess the Taramuhara were lucky one of the few foods they had access to was a superfood!

        Thanks for the post, hope you have a great New Year, more posts to come this year!


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