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NoCo Update: A Typical Weekend…

I hope everyone of my followers is enjoying the fall as much as I am! There are so many beautiful creations God has laid out for us, I sure hope all of you are taking the chance to step back for a second, and see all the amazing beauty God has surround us with, no matter where you are! It doesn’t even have to be outside…

…but this last weekend (and most every weekend) is spent in the great outdoors. This weekend was just another great one, here’s how it went!


Ran to playground with Jesse, then started CrossFit workout “Angie”:

-100 push-ups

-100 sit-ups

-100 pull-ups

-100 squats 

I’m definitely not an upper body guy. I mean pound for pound I’m definitely strong, but I just don’t ever work my upper body much except for when I swim. So this kind of routine needs to happen more often! 

I was feeling good afterwards, but my legs were still wanting more after a 4 mile run, so I went out and did a night run! I totally went longer and faster than I thought I would, but if felt great! I’m feeling like I’m in surprisingly good shape for the actual mileage I’ve been doing. Quality over quantity is totally a great philosophy! Really looking forward to bumping up my mileage in the next week here and getting ready for a race at the end of October and hopefully the Turkey Trot back home over Thanksgiving!


Went to the Boulder Cyclocross Series #2 at Xilinx Park near Longmont! What a great decision, it was totally inspiration to watch great riders in every category, but especially the Pros! There are 6 races to the series, mostly in Boulder! Totally cool to know that there is going to be access to these kinds of races all the time; can’t wait to race in one!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Saturday morning’s races:

Cyclocross Season is here!

Start of race

Pro 1/2 Race!

Technical downhill over a log, 1/2 mile into race.

These dudes are FAST!

So I was definitely inspired after watching the Cross racing earlier in the day. As you can guess, when we got back to Fort Collins, I went riding gravel!

Here is a shot with my phone of the sunset I witnessed on the way back home:


Jesse and I went hiking in the Poudre National Forest. It was a 10 minute drive from where we are at, so it was basically right there. We set out around 3pm and got back just before dark, 7pm. We started around 5400ft and summited up to Gray Rock at 7500ft. We had some fun in the process of getting up there:

Jesse gets excited in the Mountains

The mountains bring out the best of my jumping ability

Once we got to the top we enjoyed beautiful 360 degree views of the surrounding wilderness. The great thing about Colorado the landscape is a mix of everything: trees, open plains, and rocky mountain tops. 

Here is one of my favorite pictures of this sun-streaked pasture

Once arriving to the top, we enjoyed views like these:

We ended right as the sun set!

Again, I hope y’all had an awesome weekend! If you are following my blog, well then I think you are a good enough friend to come down and visit me in beautiful Colorado! Until then, live in up in your city and tell me all about it, I love hearing people’s adventures!

(These photos are gnarly, but they are so much more rad if you click on them to enlarge…ENJOY!) 


Posted by ryanlevander on September 27, 2011
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  1. 09/28/2011

    I just might have to take you up on the offer to come down to NoCo to visit and get some hill training in! GIDDYUP!!


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