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24 Hours of Colorado Springs: Updated through 7 hours of racing…

With a quarter of the race done already the race hasn’t really even started. If you have raced in, or even been to an ultra endurance event like this you know exactly what I’m talking about. So much is to be decided when the lights go off.  It’s totally a different ball game, and we will find out who is here to stay.  

Here are the current standings in the Men’s Solo after 7 hours of racing (may not be quite 7, but close enough):

(Tostado’s lead is only growing now and he is looking very hard to beat, especially without Trek/Honey Stinger Phenom Kelly Magelky, who was the only one who could go nose to nose with him last year.)

And the Women’s Solo Standings after 7 hours of racing:

(Mata is killing it and when I left around 8 hours into racing she was close to LAPPING the second place rider, unbelievable. I wish Rush was racing the solo to give her plenty of competition.)

Here’s a quick shot of Tostado coming through on his 6ish lap:

And a shot of Mata coming through, looking all to comfortable:

I told you guys I’d get some better shots of Rebecca Rush, and here they are:

And here’s her leaving a guy eating her dust, nothing new!

Left or Right, either way your crazy!

Time for the lights.  Who’s riding and who’s hiding?!

Good shot of this Specialized rider:

Great demonstration of teamwork here:

Women’s single-speed solo leader, wow!

Tostado seen here as the night creeps in:

Last one of Tostado heading out for more fun…

Well that’s all for now, time to put a few more layers on and find some hot coco and cider! I will more than likely be updating this tomorrow with some more pics, and maybe/maybe not results. Hope this has been a useful tool for some of you, I’ve enjoyed keeping those of you who visited up to date! What a great event! Don’t think I’ll be covering next year, however, think I can only watch one time, I gotta RACE this thing!! 🙂


Posted by ryanlevander on October 1, 2011

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