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The man behind the madness! (me)

Hello to everyone out there.  I’m getting a few new visitors to the site, so I’d thought I’d introduce myself and the purpose of this site.  I’m Ryan Levander (Rednavel is my last name spelled backwards, hence the url!)

I’m a 24 year old triathlete (primarily) who has a bigger running background than cycling or swimming.  I’ve been running since 5th grade and when I started doing it I hated it, but I definitely had a natural talent in it… (READ THE REST IN MY BIO, CLICK HERE)

This be me, except I’m usually in a race uniform or with a camera in hand!

The ultimate goal of this site is to raise awareness of races in the area (mainly Colorado).  There is just so many quality races in this state it’s crazy, crazily cool!  I will be at them either taking photos or participating.  As much as I love participating in them I must say I’m definitely finding a love for snapping shots of all the competitors! (and for the time being it’s the cheaper method too)

The entry fees can definitely add up pretty quickly!  The plan is to try and find a team to race on that will help offset the costs of all the racing that is to be done in Colorado.  For this first year I’m here the goal is to get a great base in of training, get used to the altitude, and hit 2-3 big races during the year I’m still planning out.  If I have good enough results in those then maybe I’ll be racing a lot more the year after! 

I’m also looking at getting back into school next year at Colorado State University, so I definitely plan on racing Cyclocross for them, along with the road and triathlon season.  So my schedule has the potential to get very busy very fast!  I’ll just have to prioritize races as they come up.  

Another idea I’m thinking about down the road is “Racing for a Cause”.  It’s a theme my buddy Brian Jackson from back home and I talked about this summer, and it’s something I’d really like to do.  All this time allotted for training and racing is sure a lot of time to be spending on myself.  And if that’s the ultimate cause, there’s no way I can keep doing this for that long.  Even if I become very successful, winning isn’t going to keep me going.  There are very few people that winning is enough for.  I feel that there is a great purpose out there, and I want to help whomever and whatever cause rings true to me.  I’ll be checking out causes and figuring out what one best correlates to my life and what I stand for.  

I hope you got a better idea of who I am and what I’m all about.  And if you see me at any races around introduce yourself!  I’d definitely like to meet more racers around the area and some more people to ride/run/swim/do whatever with outside! (there’s very little I don’t LOVE in the great outdoors)


Posted by ryanlevander on October 4, 2011
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  1. 10/4/2011

    To be fair, your hair makes you look British.


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