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Sunday Night Poll: Triathlon…

Comment what is your weakest and why…would be cool to get some chatting going on here!


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Posted by ryanlevander on October 9, 2011
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  1. 10/9/2011

    My weakest is by far the swim. I grew up swimming until 3rd grade, but stopped because I liked Basketball and Hockey better during the winter months.

    I don’t dislike swimming, I just like being outside so much more, and ultimately, that’s why I choose basketball and hockey. I just wanted to be more active I think.

    I think I swam about 3 times before my last half Ironman race in 2010, what a joke! Can’t wait to log some serious hours this year and see what it can do for me!

  2. 10/11/2011

    My weakest is definitely the swim:
    1, I don’t like deep water (afraid of floating bodies)
    2. bad experiences with the east river
    3. I am an xc runner
    4. I bike more than I swim
    5. I have probably never swam more than 100 m at once (if that)

    Personally, I loved playing futsal at Hughes back in the day!!!! as well as basketball and now I am kinda getting into hockey.

    I think I will stick with the marathons and the ultras!!

    • 10/12/2011

      1. It’s not important that the bodies are floating or swimming next to year, it’s just that their out there!

      2. You should be thankful it’s not Norfolk, technically it has more gross tonnage.

      And I’m with you on the bball and hughes soccer, can never outgrow or get sick of those sports for sure! I haven’t played indoor soccer in FOREVER, I miss any kind of soccer. Love watching it, but want to do more than that!

      We soo need to play hockey again over xmas break, totally miss it too!

      I’m excited to run my first marathon next year! We gotta do one together at some point man! And an ultra, whoah, you are one sick Momma…I like it!!


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