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Wednesday Night Road Ride: Budweiser and Back!

So I had already went for a run earlier in the day, but I was really feeling anxious to get on my bike tonight, regardless of how cold it was about to get or what time it was when I finished filling out an application.  It was 10:30 when I finally started to get ready for 45 degree weather.  And as my College cycling coach would always say, “dress for 20 degrees cooler than what the temp is out there, bikes go fast”.  So here’s a shot of me in the process of getting ready for my ride:

So after I covered up almost all my visible skin, I was off on my ride!  I found a good route, by heading North through the city, and ending up passing New Belgium brewery on Vine St. and taking that East until I came to Budweiser right off of I25.  I was a good 35 mins in at that point and I decided to turn back and cruise back home, make it a big square route. 

Here is a shot of what my ride route looked like, a solid 20 miler for when time is pressed:

And here is the ride:


Hope everyone is staying warm but still exercising wherever this post finds them reading it at! I think when the weather turns cooler it’s mother nature challenging you to still get out there! I plan to always answer that challenge, to a degree…haha!


Posted by ryanlevander on October 12, 2011
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  1. 10/13/2011
    Deb (MOM)

    Really enjoyed this new post…

  2. 10/14/2011

    What are your favorite cold weather gear items? I’m slowly accumulating mine and any recommendations are appreciated!

    • 10/14/2011

      Hey Laura, funny you asked cause I was about to do a post about that soon! I still will on my go-to items…for now I’ll just post it here too.

      Well the most important at least for me are bootie covers, quality gloves, and a neck/head-warmer or Balaclava.

      Bootie covers are sooo important, you can never underestimate those. I got a pair from Hugh when I first joined the team, they were used but are still very nice quality. They are called SideTrax, and they are amazing, super warm.

      As for the gloves, I have two pairs, my “go-to” pair is a pair of Mountain Hardwear’s “Bandito” glove, it’s fingerless so you have control for riding, especially in cross, or you can put the cover over and have a mitten. Cool part is when you don’t want to use the mitten the flap conveniently stuffs inside of the backside of your hand, totally functional. I use this glove in so many situations.

      If the weather turns REAL cold I wear a pair of mitten gloves underneath my Dearskin gloves I got from back home in North Dakota. I know mine were made in Minnesota, where you would need such a glove, not sure if they make a glove like that around the SouthEast. Those are good for when it’s 45 and below and I’m doing a road ride because I hate trainers, haha.

      I don’t have a Balaclava, but thinking of getting one for the versatility of it. I have a Pearl Izumi head warmer and a Sugoi neck warmer seen in this post. I love em both. The Pearl one works great, head never gets cold, but it also is really snug and can’t ride for more than 2 hours or else I’ll get a headache, haha. But I’m usually not riding much longer in the cold anyway!

      Hope these few pointers have helped, look for a post soon to come with pics and links!

      Happy cold weather riding!


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