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Workouts as of late…

Hey everyone! My page has been dormant for almost a week, so I thought I would drop by here and update ya’ll on a few things of how my life has been going! I haven’t found a full-time job yet, which is a bummer, but I’m remaining extremely optimistic and know there is going to be one in the very near future, I have a lot to offer, and just because I don’t have a college degree as of right now doesn’t mean I’m any less good of a worker than plain Jane or Slow John Doe over there! haha…

…after my Wednesday Night Ride last week (Thursday comes next) I went swimming with Jesse at Miramont Fitness (one of the places I’m hoping to work at) for the Master’s swim practice. The lead instructor there is really good at picking solid workouts for us to do. And I’m really starting to learn the swimming lingo, and what a basic workout would consist of regarding intensity. Much like a running or cycling workout, just getting experience with it helps a ton. We did 100 (all in yards, 25 down on typical pools) yard warmups with varying types of strokes, paddle boards to emphasize kicking, etc. 

After properly warming up the workout was 200s. We did 4 sets of them with intensity varying from fast, hold (maintain speed), and lengthen strokes. Jesse and I were in the fast lane and we both increased our speed each time, it was great! My biggest thing still with swimming is going to be learning how to properly keep my head down. It is just an adjustment thing that is one of the harder things to do when you didn’t grow up learning correctly, but I need to change it, without my head down I’m basically plowing through the water like a anchor, not going to work!

So after some great swimming Friday came and went with a short but sweet run. After that Jesse and I were off to watch the Colorado Rapids take on Real Salt Lake in the battle of the Rocky Mountain Cup! A former UNC standout player, who I became friends with through watching some of his games, Eddie Ababio now plays for the Rapids and got us free tickets to the game, sweet! Thanks again Eddie!

The fans wanted a yellow for this play:

Here’s me next to the Rocky Mountain Cup:

After some great Fútbol it was time to get some good rest, and some riding riding in on Sunday! Jesse and I went up to Risk Canyon, at the foot hills of Fort Collins. Just 20 miles away from our apartment, it took us a good bit of time to get up there, 14% grade in some parts going up to 8k feet! After some FUN descending of up to 55 mph, it was time to reload with fuel back at the apartment and head back out to finish another solid century ride! 

Here are the ride stats:


And a photo of my at the top of Risk Canyon (8k feet):

I think that these long rides are really benefitting for me, developing a solid base while really building up the strength in my legs to ride far for this long at the intensity I do. I try to do my long efforts at a relatively good clip, just below threshold pace, so I can keep raising my lactate threshold from different periods in order to increase that threshold I have. 

I carry the same philosophy for my long runs, where I try to keep in under 7 minutes mile pace as long as it’s relatively flat during the long run (for now at least). I love the fact that I can run in the city and keep in all flat at 5k feet. And if I want to get some elevation and hill training in I can run 5 minutes to the West and run up the Foothills up to Horsetooth Reservoir, Coyote Ridge, etc…so many routes around here it’s great! Especially for trial running, which is how I like to do most of my training, so much more fun and good for strengthening of the ankles! 

I did my first night trail run ever last night, was totally amazing! I wore my headlamp so I could have great vision and scare anything up that was in my way! It was perfect for running, 50 degrees! At least perfect for me, I could have run forever in that! I wore my CW-X Compression tights, some Zoot Compression socks, my Salomon Speed Cross 2’s, carrier a Fuel Belt water bottle on my hand, and a Mountain Hardwear Vest that is highly breathable. I only ran about 7 miles, had some things to do back at the apartment, so I’ll get out longer tonight! 

Here is the run stats from last nights trail run @ Coyote Ridge:


Had an absolute blast doing this…I’m always smiling when I’m running; especially out here! 🙂

Ok, well that’s all for now. Look for more posts this week on gear, as I talk about some of my favorite gear for cold weather running and cycling. Maybe I’ll step my way into some new gear from a sponsor…eh? haha

I also plan on updating the “Routes” section this weekend to some of my favorites around here to run and bike. As well as update my “Gear” section to include my running shoes and misc gear I can’t go without!

You should also follow me on Twitter, I post most of my “Tweets” relating to my workouts on there! Follow me @nodaksurfer

See you guys back here soon! 


Posted by ryanlevander on October 19, 2011

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