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Raw Revolution: Organic Live Food Bar

50, 75, maybe even 100 different types?! Well, we can’t be exactly sure of how many different types of nutrition options are out there, but enough to try one a day for half of the year. I’ll save you the time, go with Raw Revolution

Ok, I know I may sound like a biased sponsored athlete, but honestly, I would be eating their bars (and have) if I wasn’t getting hooked up. Flash back to the spring of 2009 when I was first introduced to Raw Revs…

…I was starting my first season of college Road Cycling with Mars Hill College out in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. I was new to the sport, and a lot of things were being thrown at me: like race tactics, a racing kit and “bib” (didn’t think I’d go back to these ever, turns out the ones for cycling are pretty awesome), and some free nutrition products (raw rev being one of those). Gotta admit I was a little weirded out by the texture right away, never had anything so moist and taste so..ahh, REAL! I guess I didn’t know what I was missing out on before! 

The reason Raw Revs stand out above the rest is because of the length they go to make their products with natural ingredients. Raw, living foods are clean, and have higher nutrient content than cooked food. Processed foods such as protein isolates and grain based fillers are acidic and cause fermentation in the body. Raw organic foods are closest to their natural state, bringing us closer to healing ourselves and global ecology.

There are many flavors of Raw Rev, all very good, but I’d have to say my personal favorites are:

Chocolate w/ Coconut

and the Spirulina w/ Cashew flavors. 

I highly encourage ANY of my friends to try these amazing bars out for yourself, their worth every penny! 

You can find Raw Revolution bars at most of your Whole Foods stores, or in the natural foods section of your grocery store. If you don’t have access to those you can most definitely try a local sports or nutritional shop. You can also buy directly from their site if your aren’t lucky enough to have access locally.


For those readers in Asheville, NC: Raw Revs are found at the French Broad Food Co Op, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and any Mars Hill College Cycling Meet! 

For those readers in Bismarck, ND: Raw Revs are sold at Epic Sports (dealership I was able to set up with them, pretty happy about that) and Steep Me a Cup of Tea. 

For those readers in Fort Collins, CO: Raw Revs found at Whole Foods, Fort Collins Food Co Op, Natural Foods, Sprouts Grocery Store, and probably more! 

I will also have Raw Revolutions with me at ALL my races for the 2012 season! (SCHEDULE) So come on up to me before or after and I’ll gladly hook you up with a sample bar to share the goodness. I also have coupons to hand out and best of all, TATOOS! 🙂

Raw Revs haven’t been around for too long, but they are definitely here to stay with their awesome initiatives to provide for a healthy and greener planet!

So thanks a million for your support Raw Revolution! I hope the results I pull in 2012 are half as good as your bars!!

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Posted by ryanlevander on December 4, 2011
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  1. 12/4/2011
    Deb Levander

    These taste so good tool not sure which I like the best!

  2. 12/4/2011

    Well I’ll bring the rest of the flavors you haven’t tried home over Christmas break and you’ll have to figure out which one you like the best! 🙂

  3. 12/6/2011

    hmm…sound weird. gonna have to get myself one sometime, are they better than pudding top singles?!

    • 12/7/2011

      You would love them Shad! I’ll hook you up over xmas break, we’ll use some as fuel so we can do an extra lap around Riverwood! Pudding top singles got nothing on Raw Revs! (unless you Constanza)

  4. 12/8/2011

    Great post!

  5. 12/8/2011

    Love your blog!


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