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The San Francisco Marathon: Running with a Purpose

Hey everyone! 

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted on here, (will you forgive me?) but I’m back up and running (figuratively and literally) for 2012! I hope everyones New Year has been getting off to a great start! Mine has been great so far, everyday is an adventure out here in Colorado, can’t ask for much more in life than I have right now! Well, I could use a few more friends and family members out here…but the friends are a coming and being closer to family sure is nice. 

Ok, so I had this elaborate schedule of races planned for 2012…and yeah, about that. Their expensive! haha…I’m still hoping to get some help for some entry fees, but overral it’s just a lot of money to be forking over when I’m not in my career job yet. So I’ll be narrowing it down this week and focusing on some bigger ones, as well as adventure races, wahoo! 🙂 My philosophy is that I want to try all the races I haven’t done before so I can figure out which ones I like the best! 

I also plan on doing some photography work for local races here in Colorado this summer. So I’ll be at most all the races I listed on my schedule, but not racing them all. So keep an eye out here for photos to be posted here, as well as on my ColoradO2 Photography Page on Facebook. This summer is going to be epic, so much planned, so much fun to be had…this is going to be one to remember!


Alright, so we are all caught up, which brings us to January 24th, 2012; last night. I have been tossing around the idea of racing for more than just myself for quite some time now…It really started to take off this summer when I collaborated with Brian Jackson, a good friend from back home who really wanted to start a team who raced for a greater cause. Last night I found the perfect race for this, The San Francisco Marathon on July 29th, 2012. San Fran seems to be one of the only marathons that has a really great system set up where you can raise money on your own, or with a team for a cause you are passionate about. Just another reason why San Fran seems to be so rad! So I’m choosing the L.E.T.S. Foundation (Lets Erase The Stigma – against suicide rates being so high in the US, ages 18-24). There are a few reasons why I choose to run for this cause: 1. We have so much in America, yet we have so little happiness. These rates need to be diminished greatly, there is so much out there to smile about. 2. I think people overlook the simple things in life that can bring them joy. What better way to demonstrate than with running? 99% of the time I feel so much better and think clearer after a run, only way I don’t is if I went to far and am sore! 🙂 3. There are some people in my life that are/have been battling with depression, I sure hope I can bring them some joy by doing this and open a new door for them! 

So how the cause works is that you are free to donate any amount of money you wish to (no amount is too small, trust me, I understand, I’m a broke continuing college student!). I have a page in which the donations work through on CrowdRise, check it out: Profile 

The other way I’m trying to get money for the LETS Foundation will be to ask family and friends to donate 50 cents per mile I run and 25 cents per mile I bike [Cross Training, duh! 😉 ] during training leading up to the marathon. For those of you ready to “pay per mile” please let me know! I’ll be tracking all my workouts with a GPS, so there will be no cheating going on here! 🙂

I will have regular updates on here about my training and how the fundraising is coming along with posts, podcasts, and pictures! So stop back for more information on how it’s going, along with the other usual updates, too! 

Making a difference, once step at a time, 


Posted by ryanlevander on January 25, 2012
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  1. 01/28/2012
    Laura Parkinson

    How many miles do think you will run and bike altogether during your training? would like to donate, but want to be sure I know what Im getting into. Sounds as if you COULD run ALOT during that time. A. Laura


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