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CX Nats – 2015!

So, there has been quite a bit of talk lately on USA Cycling’s Facebook page about where Cyclocross Nats should be in 2015, and I just wanted to start a poll on here to see what kinda results we come up with! Feel free to leave a comment or two below, just keep them PG..13. 

Posted by ryanlevander on February 2, 2012
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  1. 02/4/2012

    PLEASE – no high altitude location for CX Nationals. Totally unfair to all those who don’t live at altitude. Its one thing for the altitude folks to have an advantage at sea level, but its quite another for the opposite situation where those coming from sea level feel like crap, can’t breathe and have headaches.

    Boulder is a great town, don’t get me wrong. We love it. It would be great in many ways, but the altitude is a deal-breaker. Hope USACycling doesn’t take the easy route and pick Boulder. Nice and handy for them, but really would make for a diminished experience for many many of their members coming to race.

    Austin or Asheville, take your pick. Either would be equally AWESOME, beautiful, a chance of being somewhat temperate and not snowed in and great hospitality and atmosphere at both places!

    • 02/4/2012

      Boulder isn’t THAT high! haha…maybe I’m just saying that cause I’m used to it now, however…

      …I know they’ve had other national championships out here. Like 24 hour mountain bike nationals, which was in Colorado Springs last year. And that would obviously be a much more significant effect than an hour CX race.

      I think Colorado locations are always going to be on the radar just because of the type of crowds and people that live out here; along with the great terrain.

      USA Cycling probably has to have a greater reason to select a Colorado are so it doesn’t look like they are just choosing the easiest option.

      I think having the race in Colorado would boast the highest race numbers, but that’s just me. I think any place would be good, but Colorado or Asheville would be GREAT!

      Thanks for the feedback!



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