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First Photography Event: Recap

So this past weekend (10-12th) was my first official photography event to where I was paid to go and shoot, score! What a fun time it was to capture the emotions of the racer’s faces! I’ve had quite the background in racing for myself (for the past 12 years really – dating back to my first 1/2 mile race in 5th grade) and experience in media coverage for my collegiate cycling conference (SECCC) but never this much strictly photography ever before; glad I had two memory cards! 

First event was pretty official, thought this was pretty cool:

Shirt that was made for me, and my buddy Trey's shirt - he raced!

I really enjoyed doing this project, and appreciated the opportunity from James & Michelle Bettis and their 3W Races Company. This first project has given me more exposure with my ColoradO2 Photography page on Facebook, which is currently my biggest form of communication. I am looking at expanding this current site to transition into more photography, which will have a way of purchasing shots once I build up my portfolio, expand my event coverage, photography resources, etc. So the goal of my racing site is transitioning into raising money for causes greater than myself – which is a HUGE reason why I’m running the San Francisco Marathon on July 29th. I did a write-up about all of that a couple weeks ago when I officially decided on it, check it out HEREI’ll go on more about the future goals of my site in a podcast that’s on the horizon – more on that later!

So my buddy Trey McCain (roommate in college for 3 years, teammate for all 4 years in Cross Country at Mars Hill Collegeflew in from South Carolina on Friday night. He had a full 10 hours to get acclimated to elevation before his 5k since the previous track season (Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion Trey!). All in all he had a good first race of a busy racing year – can only get easier from here, right Trey?! 

Trey's Finish

While Trey was busy putting one foot in front of the other I was doing a bit of running myself from spot to spot to get the most shots possible. I found that the best ones (in which I got the most emotion from the racers) was near the finish line. Pretty positive it wasn’t a coincidence, they were happy to have it in site! Laying down and using the cloudy white sky proved to be a good choice. 

A few photoshop skills later and the best of the best (image clarity) made it up to my page on Facebook! I wish I could have gotten everyone, but I only had so much memory, and the race was too short for everyone to be completely spread out!

The thing that separates 3W Races events from any other road races I’ve seen are the lengths James and Michelle go to in order to get all local sponsors (and not just a few) to support the race. I read a quote from 3W Races Page that I really liked and found relevant to building network of friends/racers/community:

It takes a village to make the community a better place to live.” – 3w Races

I think the suburb of Westminster and the surrounding area is in greats hands when 3w Races are putting on events like this, choosing to be the change they want to see in their community. Thanks so much for being an inspiration to others and myself, great to know there are people out there like this. 

So some of you who saw me out there shooting for the Heart Throb 5k will see me again  for the Wesminster Women’s Classic on May 13th – Mother’s Day. Already looking forward to some warmer temps and I’d be willing to bet on definite sunshine here in CO! 🙂

Check out my Schedule page to see what other events I’ll be at in the meantime, either racing or with photography. If you know of any additional ones I’d be happy to know about them and I’ll see if I can’t work them into my schedule! Just leave a comment below! 

I’ll sign off here by leaving you with a slideshow of a few of my favorites from this past weekend’s event! Thanks to all you crazies out there, probably see you at some events in the near future! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Posted by ryanlevander on February 17, 2012

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