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Top 5 Reasons to Start Following my Blog

5. Location – What better area can you get for training than Colorado? It’s basically outdoor paradise here with all the things there are to do and abundance of people to do them with. It’s fantastic, and I want to share all the great things about this fantastic state with you. 

4. Reviews – This goes hand in hand with the greatness of my location. All the areas there are to ride, run, hike, climb, kayak, etc…you get the picture. I’ll be reviewing tons of different things this summer – some for companies, some for my work, some for myself, and all for my friends and followers! 🙂 I plan on getting a GoPro action camera after my first couple paychecks, so I’ll start making some pretty epic videos of all the fun there is to be had here. (Don’t take them for granted, come visit yourself) Outdoor companies galore here as well, Newton Running Shoes, Sea to Summit, GoLite, Honey Stinger, Mix 1, etc…I will be talking with these companies about doing write-ups and supporting local businesses – something I believe and try to practice strongly in. And I work at one of (if the the biggest) Specialized bike shop (or just any bike shop) in the Nation. Seriously, this thing is massive and fantastic. I’ll be testing out bikes all summer long and doing reviews on not only their overall performance, but products and accessories to go with them – stayed tuned for my first review tomorrow! 

3. Photography – What started off as a hobby is forming into a form of a business, but still a hobby. I take pride in my photos…which means I shoot and edit with the same quality for my personal photos as I do for companies I shoot for. I feel like my photos tell a story, not only a story of what is in the picture but the passion I have for photography to get the shots I do. I think my attention to detail and unique perspectives make for some pretty great photos. Check out some of my previous work on my Photography page to see what kind of shots I’ve gotten the past 6 months I’ve been here in Colorado. 

2. Nutrition – Ever since becoming vegetarian for my 2012 New Year’s resolution I have become an even bigger “nutrition junkie” than before (imagine that). So I do have some current recipes under my “Reviews” page tab. I will continue to add many, many more as my site grows. I want to dabble in some of my own recipes of foods that I make, I have been getting into that a lot lately. And all the foods I post on here are very good for most all athletes to supplement their training with. This section has a lot of room to grow, keep an eye out as I become a more experienced and seasoned vegetarian. 

1. For a greater purpose – The main goal for my blog is to provide a way for others to follow me, yeah…but in doing so I hope they become inspired and motivated to be a change they want to see in the world. To maybe live differently, achieve a goal they didn’t think they could set out to do, whether it’s an athletic goal, an academic one, or a life one – just doing something that’s greater than they are. That’s the biggest reason I’m running the San Francisco Marathon this July. I’m running for a purpose greater than myself. I’ll be running to raise money to help fight young adult suicide deaths in the US. If I can change just one life then it will be a success…

so to follow my blog just look along the top left hand “widget” panel and accept my double dog dare challenge! 😉


Posted by ryanlevander on March 3, 2012
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  1. 03/4/2012

    I already follow… 🙂

    Colorado is an amazing place for us to live. I’m not sure we’d trade it for much else. I just bought my boyfriend the GoPro Hero2 for Christmas and he loves it!! He’s only used it for snowmobiling, but once mountain biking season hits (and he gets his new bike-purchased in FoCo!), he’ll be using it more. We are looking at all the gadgets and accessories for it now. Never ending… Can’t wait to play around with the footage!

    Happy Running!

    • 03/4/2012

      Thanks for following!

      And your quite the good girlfriend, those GoPros sure are fun to get out and have some fun with! And there are so many awesome different mounts you can use for those GoPros, too!

      Tell your boyfriend to come on in to Peloton Cycles if your in Fort Collins and to check out the sick selection of mountain bikes we have (biggest shop in Colorado). 🙂

      Happy running to you, too!

      • 03/5/2012

        I’m mostly certain we were at Peleton last weekend and that is where he purchased his new bike. Is there a Julia who works there? We go into so many bike shops, I get confused. 🙂 And I shouldn’t say he “purchased” the bike, rather he is “waitlisted” for the bike. I wish I could remember what it is…something he’s been drooling over in one of the latest Bike magazines. Anyway, he is 11th on the waitlist and probably won’t see it until April-ish.

        We’ll stop by again, I’m sure, in the very near future!

  2. 03/5/2012

    Yes, Julia works at Peloton, she’s great. I bet he is waiting for a Stumpjumper bike, probably the Evo 29er. Or else an Epic! I’m assuming we are talking full suspension I guess…

    …Yeah I work everyday but Sunday and Monday’s, so stop by and say hi next time! We have a huge tent sale going on toward the end of this month, might be a good idea to stop by and check out our killer deals!

    Maybe see you around!



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