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Rocky Mountain Love!

So as I wait for an incredibly sick video to upload of Jesse and I road riding Horsetooth Reservoir – I sit here and think about all the opportunities I’ve been presented with this year…and just want to give a shout out to those who have been very supportive of my lifestyle and the things I’m wanting to bring awareness too. I can’t not have done the things I do or been smiling as big as I currently am without y’all! 

So…thanks so much to my parents – Greg and Deb for always being there for me, every step of the way and every logical and crazy decision I’ve ever made! 🙂 You guys are true definitions of the word parents and much more. Have giving me everything I need to succeed in life and continue to do so. Thanks, I love you guys very much. Can’t wait to show you the beauty of Colorado this summer. 

My slightly more distant family – Aunt Laura for supporting my marathon training of San Francisco and helping me get to San Fran, even though the training has been limited so far! It will definitely pick up after my foot fully heals and I’ll be back at it crazier than ever! 🙂 You kindness has made me smile many a days even though we have only talked face to face a handful of times. Let’s change that! 

Aunt Amy for your generous donation to help me raise money for the L.E.T.S. Foundation and run the San Francisco Marathon. We need to catch up on the phone soon or better yet, in person! 

My longtime running buddy Dennis Ternes back in Bismarck, North Dakota made a generous donation for my marathon contribution. He is also quite the motivation as he has done more marathons than I can count. He has a very demanding work schedule and still finds time to get scary close to quality for Boston! Hope to run one with him one day before he retired! 😉

Mariah Valentine has also been a great help in getting me to the left coast to run 26.2! Looking forward to her visit to Colorado in a week’s time – she is going to absolute love it here. It’s not a hard state to sell, that’s for sure! Really excited to catch a great sunrise service at Red Rocks Amphitheater with her for Easter Sunday. 

Raw Revolution for the quality quality bars you guys have sent me time and time again. This year has been a huge change in my diet with going vegetarian, and now feeling better than ever I absolutely credit that to the natural and uncooked material I eat on a daily basis in their bars. Great for workouts pre, during, or post – or just snacks! I will be a Raw Revolution consumer for life because of what they are all about. No other bar does a better job of being more natural, and not paying an arm and a leg for it.

Thanks a million to all of y’all! You guys are big influences and supportes of my life and I can’t express how grateful I am for it. 

With love from the Rockies, 

Ryan Levander – RednavelRacing

Posted by ryanlevander on March 29, 2012

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