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Start of the Busy Weekends!

Last weekend I sat and watched movies. Let me say that again. Last weekend I SAT AND WATCHED MOVIES. Don’t expect to hear that on a regular basis (unless we’re talking about the drive in, which I’m totally stoked to go to starting this weekend).Ā I’m one of those dudes who if you mention a movie too I’ll nod like I know what you are talking about and act like I’ve seen it. Just because its usually easier that way…

…I find some commitments in life to be harder than others. Movies are right up there with women and figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life. The main reason for me not buying into sitting down for 2 hours is that I get ancy, I could be outside enjoying the day or out meeting some new people to hang with. It probably has a lot to do with me living in Colorado, being new here, and not yet having someone special to put my arm around (to steal popcorn from). But even when I’ll have spent more time here and met someone, I still don’t think I’ll be huge into movies.

Cinematics aside, I got my fair share of rest last weekend – “recharged my batteries” and am ready for the Colorado race season to start! “I took one big deep breath, so I should be good until October…”

I’ll be racing the Horsetooth Reservoir Half Marathon this Sunday. The plan is to just jump in the race without registering, use it as a long tempo training run instead of a true race. I’m not in race form, but I’ve always thought the best way to get into race shape is to race. So with that in mind I plan to race my way into shape for this marathon in San Francisco on July 29th! šŸ™‚ Which won’t be hard at all with over 700 running races alone this summer going on in Colorado! Man I sure to do love how active this state is! Previous summers it was a nightmare having to find races in North Dakota. The closest ones would be in neighboring states, which would be at least 3 hours of driving to get there! Now I can walk three blocks most weekends and have fantastic competition in addition to beautiful and challenging courses, score!Ā 

I will also be doing some photography of before/after the race, so check back here this weekend for some great shots of the pre and post race fun! Sunday will definitely be a busy day, as I plan to do a photo shoot with a trials riding buddy up at Horsetooth in the evening. He’s a legit competition rider with serious skill…I hope my photography skills can keep up with his sick trails riding! Check out his latest video right HERE.Ā 

As always, I hope y’all have an awesome weekend, check back here for some inspiration, motivation, and perspiration!Ā 


Categories: Bike Love
Posted by ryanlevander on April 19, 2012

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