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Clear for Takeoff

You ever have one of those weekends when everything seems to work out perfectly and fall into place? Well, I totally had one of those last weekend – really looking to keep that going here…so I haven’t showered or changed my clothes since Sunday…

…fast forward to the close of “hump-day” and I’m still wearing the same clothes and things aren’t going as well. Co-workers are starting to talk to me from a distance and give me funny looks when I come into work day after day wearing the same pants, shoes, and socks. Ok, so I exaggerated for effect there, but my goal was to provide a laugh. Did it work? 😀


-Ran a 34:22 10k during the Horsetooth Reservoir Half Marathon – a great time for a flat surface, but I rocked it going up some steep climbs and at 7k feet elevation…totally liking were my fitness is at right now! 

-Was able to get some great shots of the runners while the race was going on, too! Made some great contacts and my ColoradO2 Photography Page is getting a lot more traffic, “likes”, some business, and future bookings. Good things happening, life getting much much busier! 🙂

Favorites from Sunday’s Horsetooth Half Marathon:

The photos of Travis and Zachary from Athletes in Tandem really hit a nerve, and inspired me on soo many levels. It really showed what life is all about…to me it represented everyone getting the chance to do some pretty amazing things in life. And if it wasn’t for runners like Travis and all the other kind hearted Athletes in Tandem participants not everyone would get to experience that.

 Racing has brought me so many positive things in my life. I really want others to feel the true and utter joy felt when crossing the finish line after giving every last ounce of energy in the body. It’s a feeling you can’t replicate. I truly feel the best things in life don’t cost any money, and this is a great example of it. 

So after seeing my photography and quotes with the pictures the director of Athletes in Tandem asked me if I ever wanted to run with an athlete, and I said ABSOLUTELY! More to come on that…


-Got in a solid mountain bike ride with the Stumpjumper FSR (sickest all-mountain full suspension bike out there) on Blue Sky – one of my favorite local trails around here. 

-Talked with some framing companies locally about what kind of prices they offered for their services, and then decided to call up my pops (carpenter) and we’ll be working together on designing some frames for future clients! 

-Got in an 8 mile run on a new trail system I found up at Lory State Park (miles and miles, and miles…:) )

-Went grocery shopping with Jesse and we TOTALLY restocked for the next two weeks with some fantastic health food. I’ll throw up a few new vegetarian recipes soon under my reviews! 

So as you can all see it was a busy, but very enjoyable weekend! More to come this weekend and every one from here on out! I’ll have a podcast up soon talking about some events and Colorado Happenings as well! 

Any and all inquiries about my Photography should be directed to me at:

Thanks and hope everyone has a great week/weekend! 

Posted by ryanlevander on April 26, 2012
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  1. 04/26/2012

    Lory State Park is beautiful! I used to hike up there a lot when I was in school!

    • 04/26/2012

      Yeah I haven’t been there too much, but I just discovered tons of beautiful trails to run on…I’m all about it!


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