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Brief Update on Briefs, and them some…

So I was going to post about the changes to come to my site in the near future…but I want to wait till this weekend before I talk about that, still a few conversations I want to have with some folk about the direction my site is going and options that are going to be available for me in the future…so more on that Saturday night! 

In the meantime I will be joining forces with Newton Running Shoes once again; score! I used them for my senior year of Cross Country while I was at the highest mileage of my life and absolutely loved the natural foot striking with the combined efficiency I experienced. On the bottom of the shoes are “lugs” built up in the mid-foot, which really help you land on the forefoot and keep you away from heel striking and increased forces throughout your body. When you heel strike you suffer AT LEAST a 3x greater force than landing on any other area of your foot – that adds up quickly even over a mile! And they have bright colors. I like bright colors. 

So I will be getting my Newton Shoes from Road Runner Sports in Westminister. It will be in a couple weeks when I do the photography for the Westminister Women’s Classic on Mother’s Day…The 3W Races does a fantastic job of supporting everything local and putting in a wide variety and frequency of running events. So in helping out with photography I will gladly be getting a pair of Newton’s and a chance once again to build up my portfolio, contacts, and skills behind the camera! I’m a real big fan of partnering up with the 3W Race Directors, our thoughts are very fluent with the message and vision we are trying to create in the community – in our own respective ways; win-win-win! 

I’d also like to mention the future posts that will be coming up this weekend before I turn in for the night:

-Vision for website in short and long term future

-Photography to be covered from “Colorado Marathon” which will take place in Fort Collins this weekend!

-Century Road Ride to Newton Running Lab headquarters in Boulder, CO (Route Review and some slick new Continental Road tires everyone has been raving about – review to come on those too!)

-Newton Running Lab Review – I will be getting “sized and fit” for a shoe with them, and hopefully talking to the owner about his vision and philosophy/approach to natural running! 

-And oh yeah – Colorado State is having an “Underwear Run” this Friday (tomorrow night) right on their campus! Looking forward to another one of these in much warmer temps! 🙂 (This is where the briefs would come in, or boxer briefs, hmm….)


Posted by ryanlevander on May 3, 2012
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  1. 05/3/2012

    hahaha, the undie ran!! Oh, to be in college again! I may or may not have participated a couple years ago! lol!

    • 05/3/2012

      Hey you can admit it! I’m not even enrolled at CSU currently and I’m still all for it! 🙂 haha

      • 05/3/2012

        hahaha! At least they donate all the clothes! just, don’t donate your shoes…you’ll need those!

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