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BOLDER Boulder (Pre-race writeup)

The day has almost come, my first road race in Colorado! And by far the biggest one I’ve ever toed the line for …55,000+ runners will be joining me in the most iconic 10k of America!!

I’ve been watching a few videos the last couple days and it’s REALLY getting me psyched up for it! My training has been going pretty well. I got run down and ultimately sick last week from trying to do too much (Colorado just has too much to offer…). So after a much needed week of more rest and backing off on the miles I’m feeling normal again. So normal I’ve run 78 miles so far this week! So my legs are a bit “gone” right now. But I’m training for the San Francisco Marathon in July, not to peak for Bolder Boulder. Nevertheless, I’m totally “going for it” tomorrow with everything I have… 

The unique thing about Bolder Boulder is the waves they start you in, much better to have things spread out with a race this big.I’m seeded in the top wave, the “A” wave, 224th back from the top dogs. I’m pretty anxious to see how the wave system works out, I’ve heard its very well put together and efficient. 

So here is tomorrow’s course

BolderBOULDER Course 2012

And here is the elevation chart

Some things to look forward to will be: crazy fans, live music at every street corner, finishing at CU’s packed stadium, a Colorado beer garden afterwards, and just another day to be thankful to live in Colorado! 🙂

Oh yeah, this might be fun, too…

It will be tough not to do this when I see it on the course…

If you want to track how I or any of the other runners do head on over to BOLDERBOULDER’S PAGE! 

Post-race write up with plenty of pics to come, too. I’m debating on carrying my GoPro camera with me…depends on how my legs feel come race morning…

Posted by ryanlevander on May 27, 2012
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  1. 05/27/2012

    I’ll be there too! That’s exciting that this is your first Bolder Boulder! It’s definitely a fun race! I’m in the FL lol, you’re bright at early!! lol. Have fun! Good luck! And let me know how the slip and slide is! (and I barely noticed the elevation changes except on the last hill)

    • 05/28/2012

      Good luck today! And I definitely look forward to that slip and slide! 🙂 haha


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