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BOLDER Boulder (Post Race Write-up)

You know a race is truly epic when you have a sub-par effort and it’s still the most fun you’ve ever had in a race, ever. Maybe I should have had a few more  “mile-high marshmallows” at mile 2.2…

MH Marshmallows!

So like I mentioned in my pre-race write up, I was in the “A” wave, which was the first to start off on a picture perfect Memorial race day. Honestly couldn’t have asked for better race weather, 55 degrees and perfectly calm, and of course it was sunny (that’s a given). 

Rewind 5.2 hours and 55 miles North while a blonde haired blue eyed North Dakotan wakes in panic. “I’M GONNA MISS BOLDER BOULDER!!” My alarm volume wasn’t loud enough apparently and I woke up seeing 6:20, thankfully that was the length of the song instead of the time! haha

So I left Fort Collins at 3:30am, with a much lower heart rate then when I woke. I got to Boulder with PLENTY of time before race day. I was fully expecting it to be nuts there right around 5am, it wasn’t. I got a great parking spot in the garage on 29th street mall (right at the start), score! 

Bolder Boulder was REALLY well put on. The race announcer said before the start, “We work 364 days a year to make this one day run buttery smooth. And you guys train 364 days a year for this race.” Very well said. Maybe not true about training for just one race, but hey, I got where he was coming from! 🙂

Right before the race start the “trumpeter” played the official race tune before every wave. Totally signifying a big race event feel! The waves are genius, and as poor as my time was I wish I could have used “it was too crowded to pass people” for an excuse. But I could not, it was great. I’ll be ready for next year’s race with less weekly mileage leading up so I can hopefully gun for a top 25 overral finish. 

When I hit 17:45 through the 5k and my legs were “gased” I knew it wasn’t going to be my day. So I hit two slip and slides and at a few marshmallows towards the end! 🙂 Next time I won’t run 72 miles that week of the race…

…after my race was done I walked back to the start (a short 1 mile away) and got my bike off my car and rode around snapping photos (check out ColoradO2 Photography on Facebook for my favorites) and getting race video footage in which I’ll be editing to make a video soon! The pro men and women’s races where the last to go for the day, which is great idea so all the 55,000 racers can grab a seat in Folsum Field (CU’s football stadium) and watch the finish.

I ended up getting some great pre-race pics of the men and women…

Men’s Pro Start:

Men’s Pro Start!

Women’s Pro Start:

Women’s Pro Start!

So I basically rode my bike RIGHT beside the pros for the first 3/4ths of the race, was so cool! They were actually making me work on my single speeder, wow…

…I got some great photos and just took it all in, was such a cool event to watch and be apart of! I absolutely know what I’ll be doing EVERY Memorial Day for, well, let’s just say for a very long time…

Here is a slide show of my favorite from race day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Posted by ryanlevander on May 30, 2012

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