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San Fran Marathon – final high mileage weekend!

Wow, have 4 months really passed since I first signed up for The San Francisco Marathon?! If this is indeed true, can some please explain to me where they went so I have a little more legitimate excuse as to how my mileage hasn’t been consistent, at all. But isn’t this the story of every marathoner, triathlete, ultra-runner, etc? I mean, we all want to be our crazy selfs, and get out to run/bike/train for more hours than most people sleep in a night. But so often actually justifying doing that doesn’t always seem logical with working 40 hours a week, having a social life, and ice cream tasting so good. I digress…

…The San Francisco Marathon is schedule for Sunday, July 29th right next to the San Francisco Bay. I must say, I’m excited to run in downtown San Francisco, and totally stoked to run out and back on the Golden Gate Bridge! Take a look at the course map here: SAN FRAN MARATHON MAP

Golden Gate Bridge Run:

How long will is take me to go down and back?! 🙂

As some of you might remember, I’m doing this marathon for charity. All the money raised in my training and contributions towards my race are going to the L.E.T.S. Foundation (Let’s Erase The Stigma – against young adult suicides in the US). I’m close to reaching my $400 goal before raceday, and it’s definitely not too late to contribute now! CLICK HERE for more information about contributions for this great cause and my first marathon! 

So most SF marathoners will be doing their last long run this weekend, as will I. My weekend starts on Monday, so with the crank of dawn I will be running up Longs Peak (14,259 ft). I think I’ll have a slight nod over everyone else with altitude training…:)

Longs Peak above my head:

50% less oxygen on top of Long’s than at sea level!

So follow me as I finish up my training for San Francisco on my blog here. And follow me as I run up Long’s Peak on Monday! (I’ll have my iPhone with me for a stop or two along the way, and a celebratory snow angel atop the highest I’ve been off the ground in my life!)

As hard as it will be to run up Longs Peak, I think choosing the right clothing will be even harder with chilly temps:

Mountain Weather, you never know…

The right food will however, be a no-brainer: (Raw Revolution)

Raw Revs!

Raw Revolution gives me everything I need and nothing I don’t with their amazing nutrition bars. I eat them on a daily basis – during training, with meals, as a midnight snack, whenever! I am proud to say they are sponsoring me in my first marathon and would be eating their bars regardless. 

Follow me as I train and race the SF Marathon – Social Media Outlets:

Facebook Profile (important/bigger updates here)

Twitter Account (most frequent updates here)

Facebook Photography Page (high resolution images seen here)

My Blog (more posts like this!)

Any other way you need to get at me – inquires about racing, nutrition, my vegetarian diet, photography/media, or if you just want to heckle me a bit shoot me an email @

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you at the finish line in the future! 


Posted by ryanlevander on July 8, 2012

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