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“Technology Tracking”

Just when you thought Fort Collins couldn’t get any more bike friendly…

…If you glanced at the front page of Monday’s “Coloradoan” Newsaper, you saw a biker. And if you’re even just 10% bike nerdy you probably read the article. Well, if you are the minority, didn’t see the paper, or are just intruiged by city planning, here’s what the articles was all about…

Cyclists in Fort Collins, Colorado have the opportunity to “use their legs as a voice” to where the bike lanes/paths need to be! Yup, you heard right. With the download of a free smartphone app, CycleTracks, you track your rides in order to have the city view them when finished. This helps Fort Collins city planners know where the mass majority of the riding is being done, where the new bike lanes and trails need to be implemented, as well as signs to help with the traffic flow.

What the app looks like:Β 

The app was developed by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and logs all the riders information annonymously. Colorado State University Assistant Professor of Physical Acivity Energetics, Ray Browning, had the idea to take the app to the city of Fort Collins and CanDo (Coalition for Acctivity and nutrition to Defeat Obesity – local coatlition). Both the city and CanDo were reception and have been collecting data on local riders for a few months now. Browning says the app has recorded around 1,000 rides which he estimes is responsible for about 300-400 cyclists. His goal is to get around 1,000 riders’ data on file before the start of next summer.

With no funding for his one-man operation, Browning primarily has relied on word of mouth to get the information out about the program. As a result the information has been slowly trickling in and it seems to be taking off now. Thi was another reason why I wanted to write this article – provide another media outlet for great information to reach others.

So go ahead, down the app, and get your voice out there while you ride! πŸ™‚

Note: The original article was posted in “The Coloradoan” and some exerpts were used from David Young’s article. It was re-written by Ryan Levander to cater to NoCo Lifestyle’s format.

Posted by ryanlevander on October 30, 2012

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