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Taking the picture is just the beginning…

Photography fascinates me. Truly, it does. However, if I said I was an aspiring photographer and placed a period after the word, photographer, I would be lying. Photography is just one genre that interests me in the media word. And to be honest, I don’t know where I want to place the period,,,

I also love: videography, graphic design, photo retouch artistry (getting layers deep), lattes with rice milk (new favorite), and web design.

So, join me on my blog (and quest) to learn with me as I will be posting: Updates on my work, Adobe How-To’s (video incorporation), and Business strategies for media marketing. (To name a few)


Rewind to Saturday evening. Just finished up with a photo-shoot and lovely dinner in South Denver (See previous post). I stop for a few slow shutter ideas I had in my mind, knowing I would be in Denver and wanting to incorporate the Skyline + traffic. [They turned out ok, but I know I need a different camera body and slightly different lenses to pull off what I was looking for. That’s ok. That time will come šŸ™‚ ] I was about to get back onto I-25 and head home to Fort Collins. Except, traffic was incredibly backed up and looked something like this:

IMG_1806Police were blocking the exit ramps and everyone was going no where in a hurry. Without re-routing, I was stuck in Denver for at least another hour. Ok, time to make the most of the situation! (Optimism to the rescue) šŸ˜‰

I hopped on a B-Cycle and rode through the beautiful and green city that Denver is. Checked my bike back in at a station on 16th street, the heart of Downtown Denver. I walked up and down for awhile (enter: Starbucks Peppermint Mocha), letting my mind wander and ideas formulate.

I noticed a very small strip in the center of the 16th Street Mall, barely wide enough to stand on. There is no traffic on 16th Street except the free shuttles and a lot of rickshaws. I had my idea (enter: tripod).

Around 10 exposures later, I had one I was happy with. Or, at least knew I could edit my way into the photo I was looking for.

Here is the original photo I took, unedited:


And here is the edited version, 16 layers deep in Photoshop:

The One

It was fun to create in my free time!

I feel learning more skills with photoshop layering is incredibly valuable. If a client wants something to look a certain way, possibly that the camera, or I can’t fully produce, I can edit my way to that end result.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing coffee and web chat with y’all more often! And please, comments (positive and especially negative) are highly welcome! I have a strong desire to always better myself everyday.

Much love,


Posted by ryanlevander on November 11, 2013

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