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Looks Can Be Deceiving

This morning I was going over photos from a recent family shoot with some clients of mine. I started out going through my workflow in Adobe Lightroom (as always) and took off one toolbar as I wasn’t using it. I always like to work with just what I need, to give me a better view of the photos I’m working with. I then preceded to take off the the other three toolbars, and it gave me a totally different perspective of the photo.


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 2.14.58 PM


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 2.15.09 PM

I’ve done this before, but this one gave me a different perception than the others did. This is a good example of how my photos would look if they were to be blown up into a large, framed picture, canvas, panorama, etc. All of my photos I take with clients on shot on RAW, which enables me to do this with any photo my clients wish, even after being edited to their desire.

As a photographer, I feel it’s always import to get a different perspective. That being said, I feel that getting a perspective from someone else is equally as important as toggling between a different view mode.

Worst feedback on photos to get: Your photos look good! (What does that mean??)

Best feedback on photos to get: Your photos lack diversity in genre. Also, the skies look fake because the saturation levels are boosted too much. (THANK YOU for you honesty!!) 🙂

I also have some of my media work on NoCo Lifestyle. If you or someone you know is thinking about relocation in the Northern Colorado area, that’s the place to visit.

Posted by ryanlevander on November 13, 2013

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